You can now search for fashion without leaving Facebook with Hot Drops for Messenger. Alex, the Hot Drops Fashion Finder Bot, is available 24/7 to hunt down the newest arrivals in your size from over 2,100 brands.

Hot Drops for Messenger on iPhone

Get Style Picks in Seconds

Ask Alex to find you anything, from the most basic like "jeans" to something very specific like "black Nike Roshe trainers".

Alex will search across multiple retailers to find what's available in your size and provide you with a curated list in seconds.



Hot Drops for Messenger Wishlist

Buy Now or Save for Later

If you like what Alex has found for you, simply click on the 'Buy Now' link to complete the transaction on the retailer's website.

We've also integrated a wishlist so you can ask Alex to save an item for later.



Hot Drops For Messenger Settings Update

Change your profile at any time

During your conversation, Alex will learn more about you and won't repeat questions about what size you usually wear or how much you'd like to spend.

We've made it really easy to make changes at any point so that you have full control every time you chat with Alex.


What is a chat bot?

Chat bots are computer programmes that use artificial intelligence to provide assistance in a variety of tasks. Alex (the Hot Drops Bot) acts as a fashion finder chat bot, saving you time when you're searching for new arrivals for your wardrobe.

Why should I use the Hot Drops Fashion Finder Bot?

It will save you time. A LOT of it. Rather than you having to look for jeans or dresses on separate websites, Alex will do it for you (and much quicker than you can do it yourself). Alex will also filter out any that aren't in-stock in your size.

Why not just use the Hot Drops website?

We created the Fashion Finder Bot as an easy way for you to quickly find fashion, without having to leave Facebook or the Messenger app. Sometimes you're in a hurry and we get that. Both services use similar technology but we're able to make more personalised recommendations to website users - sign up today if you haven't already!

Is my Hot Drops account linked to the Fashion Finder Bot?

No, we've kept them completely separate for now so you don't have to login or jump through hoops to use the Fashion Finder Bot on Messenger. We may give you the option to sync accounts in the future.