Ever wondered what's the best way to clean Converse? Keep your Converse, Vans and canvas plimsolls looking tip-top with this easy how-to guide.

THE 5 Step Converse deep clean

1) Remove the laces and soles from inside your canvas Converse shoes. Stuff the shoes with newspaper beforehand to maintain shape during cleaning.

2) Fill a small bowl with equal parts baking soda and water and mix well. Soak a cleaning cloth or flannel in the mixture, then wring out the excess. Using the wet cloth scrub down all surfaces of the Converse trainers.

3) Spray on stain remover, such as Vanish. Leave to soak for as long as is recommended in the stain remover instructions.

4) Remove newspaper. Place the canvas shoes (without soles) and laces into a laundry bag, then into the washing machine.

Wash your Converse using the cold wash setting with a suitable laundry detergent. Do not use a laundry detergent that contains bleach (look for detergents made for delicates).

5) Air dry your shoes – outside in the sun is best but if this isn't possible inside near a radiator will do. Never put Converse shoes in the tumble dryer!

TOP TIP: Cleaning the insoles

Hand wash insoles separately in a bowl of cold water with hand-washing detergent, or buy new ones if they smell really bad!

Cleaning White converse & white canvas plimsolls

To keep your whites whiter than white there's another secret ingredient you can use – toothpaste! This can be done after step 5 or as a regular cleaning trick, when you don't want to put your white converse in the washing machine.

Using a toothbrush apply white toothpaste liberally onto your white Converse, paying special attention to stains or discoloured areas. Dab off any excess toothpaste with a cloth and leave the toothpaste-covered Converse out to dry.

Once dry, scrub down the canvas with water using a nail brush and clean toothbrush. Tah Dah! Your white Converse look brand-new.