Men's Skinny Jeans

Men's skinny fit jeans have grown in popularity over the last decade and have now got even skinnier with the super-skinny fits. They produce a tailored look which only a few can pull off and look great with men's boots.

Most skinny jeans actually contain a mix of denim and elastane to provide the stretch, so if you've struggled with the idea of a denim wrap on your legs, they're not as restrictive as you might imagine!

Just be warned – if you're carrying a few extra pounds, men's skinny jeans will hug you tight so you may be better to opt for the slightly more relaxed slim fit style.


Revend Skinny Jeans

£89.95 £76.95

Revend Skinny Jeans

£109.95 £87.95

Sleenker Skinny Jeans

£144.95 £123.95
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