It’s been nearly 10 years since Fitbit was founded. During that time a wave of companies have launched similar products to help track everything while you’re training. Alongside traditional tech companies, fashion brands are now hoping to take a piece of the pie and show fitness trackers can also be a stylish accessory.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing smart tech or have a renewed sense of energy (AKA kick up the ass from the missus) for the New Year, these are the 10 best fitness trackers available for men.

Fitbit Charge 2 in BlueFitbitCharge 2£109.99BUY NOW

Fitbit Charge 2

We’ll kick things off with Fitbit as they have the longest heritage when it comes to fitness trackers and this clearly shows in the latest Fitbit Charge 2. Available in black, blue and teal, the multi-sports tracking capability allows you to monitor everything from your gym sessions to your morning jog. Other features it boasts include  PurePulse heart rate monitor which displays it in real-time, as well as GPS connectivity to your smartphone to see all stats, routes taken etc on your phone.

Samsung Gear Fit2SamsungGear Fit2£149BUY NOW

Samsung Gear Fit2

Unfortunately you will have to be on Android to get the most of the Gear Fit2 as there’s no iOS support, but that doesn’t take away from it’s impressive capabilities and design. Featuring a beautiful AMOLED display that’s large enough to save you squinting at your wrist in the gym, you can even apply a watch face to use it as a watch between sessions. It’ll automatically pick up the type of exercise (e.g. running, cycling) to display the most accurate stats alongside your heartbeat. The GPS tracker allows you to view the route, distance and speed to optimize your future sessions.

Skagen Hagen Connected SmartwatchSkagenHagen Connected Smartwatch£195BUY NOW

Skagen Hagen Connected Smartwatch

It may look like an analogue watch but this smart watch by Skagen discreetly conceals some innovative technology. It’ll track your activity (plus sleep) and then sync wirelessly via the Skagen app so you can also view the stats directly on your Android or iOS device. This isn’t a fitness tracker for serious gym-goers due to it’s limited functionality, but if you want a device to track your general activity each day this is one of the best you can get.

Garmin Vivoactive HRGarminVivoactive HR£189.99BUY NOW

Garmin Vivoactive HR

Garmin may be predominantly known for their sat navs but they’re now using the GPS technology to make strides in the wearable tech market. The Vivoactive HR is waterproof to 50m so you never need to take it off and can also use it to track swimming, watersports and skiing. The high-res touchscreen will display everything from your heart rate to a summary of your daily activity, which can also be synced to your phone for more detailed analysis. 

Mondaine Helvetica Smart WatchMondaineHelvetica Smart Watch£510BUY NOW

Mondaine Helvetica Smart Watch

Another smart watch and activity tracker in disguise is the Mondaine Helvetica Smart Watch. It features MotionX technology and can be paired with an Android smartphone or iPhone to measure your daily activity. It also boasts a sleep tracker to help you maintain an all-round healthy lifestyle this year. It’s not cheap but it’s one of the most stylish activity trackers available for men. 

Xiaomi Mi Band PulseXiaomiMi Band Pulse£17BUY NOW

Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse

Moving from high-end to a more wallet friendly option, the Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse tracks your steps, sleeps and includes a built-in heart rate monitor. From your activity it’ll calculate how many calories you’ve burned and for it’s price it’s a great entry model if you’re just started to get into a fitness regime. Due to the lack of a screen, you will need to have your smartphone at hand to make use of the heart rate monitor in real time and to see stats which may be a turn off to some.

Garmin Vivosmart HR+GarminVivosmart HR+£159.99BUY NOW

Garmin Vivosmart HR+

Another entry for Garmin on the list is the Vivosmart HR+, featuring many features found in the more expensive Vivoactive HR (with the exception of the large touch screen). For those who struggle to stay offline, the screen will also display social media alerts and text messages so you’re always connected. All this within a sleek design which still boasts water resistance down to 5m and a battery life of up to 5 days. 

Withings Activite SteelWithingsActivite Steel£109.99BUY NOW

Withings Activite Steel

This striking activity tracker and watch from Withings will track all of your daily activities and provide a summary of steps, distance and calories on your smartphone via the Health Mate app. Impressively it’s also waterproof down to 50m so you can track your swimming. As it uses a standard cell watch battery (with a lifetime of up to 8 months) you won’t need to worry about charging it daily. The Activite steel will look equally stylish whether you’re in the gym or heading do your next meeting. 

TomTom TouchTomTomTouch Fitness Tracker£89.99BUY NOW

TomTom Touch

TomTom is another traditional sat nav company that has turned it’s attention to wearable tech in recent years. If you’re serious about getting fit, this is the fitness tracker for you as together with tracking steps, heart rate and calories burned, it’ll also measure your body fat and muscle composition. This will enable you to really understand how your body is changing time and progress against your goals. It’s splash and shower proof so you can keep it on between sessions, but don’t try taking it for a dip in the pool.

Moov Fitness Activity TrackerMoovFitness Activity Tracker£49.99BUY NOW

Moov Fitness Activity Tracker

The Moov Fitness Activity Tracker has one of the most unusual designs of all trackers featured that you’ll either love or hate. If you’re not deterred, this is a versatile piece of kit and can be worn either on your wrist or ankle. It’ll monitor your movement patterns and offers audio coaching in real time so you get the best out of your workout. However, you will need your smartphone with you during the activity to get this coaching and the GPS tracking. This could rule it out for some, especially if you prefer to leave your phone at home or have some pretty adventurous outdoor pursuits you want to track.