Style never sleeps, yet men's nightwear is all too often overlooked by otherwise well-dressed men. Plenty of guys will spend their days in meticulously tailored Armani, only to revert to a worn-out pair of pyjama bottoms at night.

Your choice of nightwear says a lot about you, and it's destined to be seen only by the people who are closest to you. If you aren't giving your night-time wardrobe enough attention, it might be time to do a bit of research and discover your favourite sleepwear brand.

We've put together seven of our favourite men's sleepwear brands that will help you to stay true to your style 24 hours a day...

1. Calvin Klein

+ Best for: sexing up your sleepwear collection

One of the most recognisable names in men's sleepwear, Calvin Klein is famous for its iconic logo waistband, which appears on both its underwear and its nightwear collections. Give your night-time wardrobe a bit of sex appeal by choosing a pair of the brand’s signature black PJ pants, which also double up as sweatpants.

2. Shanghai Tang

+ Best for: Hef-style silk PJs

Shanghai Tang is known for high-end fabrics with an oriental twist. This is the place to go if you want silk-lined cashmere, or embroidered velvet slippers. Its 100% silk pyjamas have developed a cult following among men. At around £500 a pair, they definitely aren't cheap, but they represent the ultimate in understated luxury.

3. Gap

+ Best for: mix 'n' match separates

Gap prides itself on creating capsule collections of clothing that can be worn by anyone, anywhere. The sleepwear collection is no different, featuring everything from sleeveless vests to checked PJ bottoms, all in the softest cotton. Perfect for topping up your sleepwear wardrobe with a few new pieces.

4. Tommy Hilfiger

+ Best for: all-American style

There is something incredibly American about Hilfiger's nightwear collection. After all, this is a designer who made his name by designing preppy varsity-style shirts in the colours of the American flag. Tommy Hilfiger sleepwear is meant to be mixed and matched. Think slouchy PJ bottoms and college-style t-shirts, or soft grey sweatpants which wouldn't look out of place at the gym.

5. Bonsoir of London

+ Best for: winter flannels that will actually keep you warm

Since it was established in 1926, Bonsoir has consistently been one of the top sleepwear brands in the UK. Specialising in warm flannels and high-quality stitching, a pair of Bonsoir PJs will last for years and years.

6. Derek Rose

+ Best for: grown up nightwear

Another long-established sleepwear specialist, Derek Rose has had an update over the last few years. As well as the usual flannel and cotton sets, the brand now offers a range of funky prints, multi-purpose loungewear, and soft jersey pyjamas.

7. Marks & Spencer

+ Best for: stylish basics

Everyone has owned a pair if Marks & Spencer's pyjamas at some point. The high street retailer is synonymous with affordable fashion and classic tailoring. It's a great place to go for plain cotton pyjamas, checked sweatpants, and soft jersey separates. Look out for one-off collections by the likes of David Gandy, for something a bit different.