Fashion is not about what you know, it’s about what you like. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no point in learning a few of the basics before your next shopping trip.

You’ve probably been wearing skirts since before you could walk – but do you know what to search for when you want a flattering new fit? Read on for our guide to skirt styles, from A-line to maxi.

A-line/skater skirts

Length: falls around the knee

Once known as the A-line skirt thanks to its ‘A’ shape, it has since been rebranded as the ‘flippy skirt' and the skater skirt. It is cinched in at the waist and flared at the hip, making it one of the most flattering skirts for curvy figures.

Wear with… a fitted shirt, tucked into the waistband, a bodysuit or a T-shirt

Bodycon skirts

Length: usually fall to just below the knee

Bodycon skirts are nowhere near as scary as they sound. Like bodycon dresses, they are made from extremely thick elasticated strips which cling to the body, while also holding everything in. There is a lot more movement in them than you might think, making them ideal for the office.

Wear with… a thick jumper and heels

Denim skirts

Length: variable

Denim skirts have come back into fashion with a roar this year - and there is no good or bad style. However, you can’t go wrong with classic blue denim, which is slightly frayed at the bottom.

Wear with… a gingham shirt or a simple white tee

Maxi skirts

Length: to the ankles

Back in fashion after two decades in the wilderness, maxi skirts are a summer holiday staple. Light and breezy, they fall in a column all the way to the ankles, and may or may not come with a daring side split.

Wear with… a white shirt or a vest top

Midi skirts

Length: mid-calf level

These skirts can be pleated, straight or billowy, but they have to fall to mid-calf length, and you have to wear them with heels.

Wear with… a cropped top and heels

Mini skirts

Length: as short as you dare!

The 60s throwback that won’t go away – a mini skirt technically refers to any skirt that ends above the knee. The higher you go, the more ‘mini’ it becomes.

Wear with… a pretty blouse and flats

Pencil skirts

Length: tapers out just below the knee

Arguably the most ‘ladylike’ skirt of all – this shape was designed to hug every curve and create a classic hourglass silhouette. It should be fitted but not too tight, and it should fall below knee level.

Wear with… a fitted sweater and high heels

Pleated skirts

Length: midi or knee-length

A pleated skirt can be any length at all really, but for full ‘swishy’ effect, it should fall at least below the knee. This skirt usually consists of an elasticated waistband that holds in a series of tight pleats, which flute out when you walk. Brilliantly girly.

Wear with… a plain t-shirt or a bodysuit