At the end of August, Balenciaga nearly broke the Internet when they launched a layered parka. Why? Because it looked completely ridiculous and resembled the look Joey was going for when he wore ALL of Chandler's clothes in that classic Friends episode.

Over the last couple of weeks we've been hunting high and low to see what other crazy sh*t is out there. Read on to discover the weirdest fashion pieces we found that are actually available to buy…

The Elder Statesman Belted CoatThe Elder StatesmanBelted Coat£5,369SEE MORE

1. Pyjama Coat

For the bargain price of just over £5k you can pick up this belted cashmere coat by The Elder Statesman. The ultimate statement in loungewear, it'll make you look like you're running that late for work that you threw on a pair of jeans just to keep some dignity.

Vetements x Reebok High Top Sock TrainersVetements x ReebokHigh Top Sock Trainers£310SEE MORE

2. Sock Trainers

We're all for exclusive collabs but these sock trainers by Vetements x Reebok really miss the mark. Guaranteed to get dirty before you've even left the house, they've even got 'left' and 'right' embroidered on the uppers so you don't mix your socks up. What can we say…

Eastpak Hungry Henry BagEastpakHungry Henry Bag£45SEE MORE

3. Hamburger Messenger Bag

Now you can make an impression (for all the wrong reasons) wherever you go with this Eastpak messenger bag featuring a somewhat questionable hamburger print. Dripping with cheese slices, this is one look you want to avoid at any point in your life.

Rick Owens Banana TopRick OwensBanana Top£6,334SEE MORE

4. Back Zip Jumper

Constructed from a less than luxury mix of nylon, polyester and acrylic, this Rick Owen banana top is attempting to complicate the classic jumper with the addition of a back zip. Why? Just why? The only time you may actually want to wear it is behind locked doors and at that price it's one hell of a personal fashion statement.

Balenciaga Oversized Layered ParkaBalenciagaOversized Layered Parka£6,095SEE MORE

5. Joey From Friends Parka

The inspiration behind this article, how could we not include the layered parka by Balenciaga. Constructed of seven separate layers, it first made its appearance on Balenciaga's AW18 runway and is now genuinely for sale at multiple luxury stores online. This is one for only the most hardcore of Friends fans!

A Diciannoveventitre Mud Effect BootsA DiciannoveventitreMud Effect Boots£3,392SEE MORE

6. Muddy Boots

Do you find it too much effort to get real mud on your own boots? Well luckily you can now buy these lace up boots complete with mud effect on the uppers. You may think they'll come with a budget price tag, but these bad boys will set you back over £3,000 gents. Follow our money saving tip and buy a pair of boots from ASOS for £40 and head out to your nearest field on a wet day.

Grey Lauren Denim Panel JeansGrey LaurenDenim Panel Jeans£1,400SEE MORE

7. Two-Tone Jeans

We've had distressed jeans, ripped knee jeans and now – panel jeans. Perfect for those days when you can't decide whether to wear blue or green denim, this is one pair of jeans that won't see you through season after season. Stick to the classics and invest in a decent pair of skinny jeans instead.

Thom Browne Dyed Fur VestThom BrowneDyed Fur Vest£10,130SEE MORE

8. Fur Vest

Gareth Southgate helped the waistcoat to hit the mainstream this year and now you can take the trend one step further with this fur vest by Thom Browne. We're struggling to think of an occasion you may actually want to wear it (we're pretty sure your boss would be in stitches if you strolled into the office as pictured above), so it's probably worth NOT spending your hard earned £10k on this.

Rick Owens Minishred TopRick OwensMinishred Top£2,882SEE MORE

9. Shredded Top

We've seen a lot of shredding across women's fashion in 2018 (those slits in swimsuits and tops) and Rick Owens is now bringing it to menswear. Now you can show off all that hard work in the gym with this minishred top, featuring huge cutouts so it's never been easier to get those abs out.

Raf Simons Wool Arm WarmersRaf SimonsWool Arm Warmers£510SEE MORE

10. Arm Warmers

For those days when a t-shirt just isn't enough and you can't be arsed to grab your coat, these wool arm warmers will have your back. Coming in at just a snip over £510, they're genuinely one of the weirdest fashion items being sold this year and we can't work out who is buying them.