Turn off alarm, put on any clothes and stumble onto the tube. If this resembles your morning routine you probably don’t prioritise looking smart on a daily basis. Here are some easy-to-live-by ways to avoid looking like you just stumbled out of bed.

1. Throw on a blazer

If you want to make a casual get-up look smarter, the easiest way to do so is to add a blazer. A good quality tailored blazer will turn a jeans and a tee outfit into a smart casual success. Here are three stylish black blazers to get you started.

Uniqlo Wool Slim Fit JacketMen’s Premium Wool Slim Fit Jacket in Black, £99.90, Uniquo


Paul Smith Tuxedo JacketPs By Paul Smith Palm Tree-Detailed Tuxedo Jacket, £375, Selfridges


Zara Black Slim Fit BlazerSlim Fit Blazer in Black, £59.99, Zara


2. Drink Aware

When doing an all-nighter, hang your clothes up before you crash, simple but effective.

3. Buy easy iron shirts

Crease resistant fabrics will make looking smarter a lot easier and less time consuming.

Esprit Easy Iron ShirtEasy Iron Shirt, £29, Esprit


4. Use a kettle to steam-out small creases 

If you don’t have an iron on hand you can quickly steam out unsightly creases in your shirt or jacket using a kettle. Boil the kettle and hold up the creased part of your clothing a foot or so away from the steaming spout and watch as the creases magically fade away.

5. Give your shoes a quick polish before you leave the house

If you don’t have shoe polish on hand, a very small tab of olive oil or vegetable oil on a soft cloth will add shine to your black leather shoes. Avoid using oil on light coloured leather as the oil could stain. Another DIY option is a dab of petroleum jelly for patent leather to add shine.

6. Pick the right jeans

Keep your denim dark and distress-free. This will instantly make your jeans t-shirt combo look that little bit more respectable.

French Connection CO Skinny JeansCO Skinny Jeans, £65, French Connection


7. Hair powder (dry shampoo) to save the day

Greasy, flat hair is not a good look. Take a tip from the girls and carry some dry shampoo with you for that just-washed look. Your hair will instantly appear styled and have more volume.

8. Keep your whites whiter than white 

Your mum was spot-on when she told you to always separate your darks from your lights and do a separate whites-only wash.

A generous scoop of vanish in each wash will keep your whites bright, but if your whites are past rescuing, invest in some new white wardrobe staples. This v-neck T-Shirt from Uniqlo is a wardrobe essential and the smart fabric has built-in dry technology to keep you feeling fresh and avoids nasty sweat patches.

Uniqlo V Neck White T-ShirtMen Packaged Dry V Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt, £4.90, Uniqlo