For most women, jeans shopping is the retail equivalent of hell.

Trying on dozens of different pairs without ever finding a pair that fits – really fits – then eventually just giving up and buying the same pair that you've been buying for the past ten years, because when you're in denim hell, it's better the devil you know!

Yet jeans are such a staple of our day-to-day wardrobe that it's worth taking the time to shop around and figure out which shapes and styles are best for your figure.

And once you know what you're looking for, you can do all your jeans shopping at the touch of a button, without having to set one foot in a High Street fitting room.

So read on to discover how to buy the perfect pair of women's jeans, or use the links below to jump straight to each section:

For Boyish Shapes

Mom Jeans

Create the illusion of curves with jeans with a roomier style of jeans which nip in at the waist. High-waisted Mom jeans look great on boyish figures, especially when paired with a retro crop top or bodysuit.

Boyfriend Jeans

As an alternative to Mom jeans, choose a pair of mid-rise boyfriend jeans and either roll them up or cut a couple of inches off the bottom, then wear with heels for an effortlessly fashionable look.

For Curvy Figures

High Waisted Jeans

The worst thing you can do to an hourglass shape is to hide it under a pair of baggy jeans. Instead, follow Kim Kardashian's lead and choose high- or mid-waisted jeans with a little bit of stretch.

The higher waist will hold you in at the front and lift you up at the back, highlighting all your best features. Look for skinny jeans or straight-leg jeans, and avoid anything that sits low on the hip.

For Tall Girls

Flared/Boot Cut Jeans

If you're lucky enough to have extra-long legs, you probably struggle with jeans shopping more than most – many stores only offer women’s jeans in small or medium lengths.

Unless you're really into the cropped trousers look, you'll have to go for a 'tall' brand. But that doesn't mean you are limited in your choice – rather than simply choosing the 'tall' version of the latest trends, look for low-rise bootcut or flared jeans which flatter long legs and never really go out of style. Fading (especially across the thighs) breaks up the length.

For Petite Girls

Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans

The most important thing is that you find a pair of jeans which are not too long for you. By rolling up your jeans or adding an obvious hem, you can actually create the illusion of even shorter legs, plus any alterations you make to the length will affect the overall shape of the jeans.

Measure your legs from the inseam, then look for jeans which are no more than an inch longer or shorter than that. Choose a simple pair of mid-rise skinny or straight jeans, in a plain colour with minimal embellishments.

For Plus Size Bodies

High-Waisted Dark Jeans

Getting the right size of jeans is crucial – no one wants the dreaded 'muffin top'. If your weight tends to fluctuate, measure your waist each time you need a new pair of jeans, and always opt for a high-waisted style which will hold in your tummy and smooth your silhouette.

While darker colours can have a slimming effect, white jeans and ripped blue jeans can look just as good, if not better if you find the right pair.

Our Top Tips On Finding the Best Jeans for your Body Shape

  • High waisted mom jeans and mid-rise boyfriend jeans work best for boyish shapes. Complete the look with a figure hugging bodysuit plus heels.

  • Choose mid or high-waisted jeans with a bit of stretch to the fabric to flatter a curvy figure, avoiding any styles that sit low on the hips.

  • If you're taller than average, look to bootcut jeans which will flatter long legs and never go out of fashion. Fading details across the thigh will help to break up the length.

  • Mid-rise skinny styles are the best cut for petite builds and will work with just about any style of footwear.