He's come a long way since the tight blond curls of the 90s. From boyband heartthrob to one of the biggest solo stars in the world, he has had more than his fair share of fashion hits and misses (ahem *denim suits*). But over the past few years, Justin Timberlake has settled into a smart-casual aesthetic which is wearable and timeless.

We've scoured the archives to figure out his fashion secrets so you too can get Justin Timberlake's style. Read on for our guide to his key looks, and how to replicate them...



1. The statement shirt

"Sometimes, you only need one stand-out item of clothing to create a stand-out look." 

Justin Timberlake wearing pink shirt and Stan Smith trainers

By choosing a sorbet pink shirt, Timberlake can afford to keep the rest of his outfit simple, with his favourite Stan Smiths and dark jeans. Get the look by taking a few chances with your shirts – find a colour you've never worn before and match it with your favourite trousers and blazer combo.


2. The red carpet classic

"The plain black suit is a red-carpet staple. However, Timberlake adds a few unique touches of his own." 
Justin Timberlake Wearing Black Tailored Suit

Note the tie pin, and the high shine on the Oxford shoes – these are little things that help to elevate the look and give the air of an old-school gentleman with a modern heart.

3. The ‘formal’ cardigan

"This is arguably Justin's biggest contribution to men’s fashion. If you've ever worn a thick cardigan instead of a blazer, you have him to thank."
Justin Timberlake Wearing Chinos and Double Breasted Cardigan

He started wearing chunky cardigans in the late 00s, over a loose shirt and a tie, before graduating to double-breasted knitwear to create a more grown-up look. This outfit, which he wore to his first ever Cannes, manages to look elegant and laid back all at once, thanks to the juxtaposition of the smart chinos and comfy cardi.

The look relies on quality fabrics and smart tailoring. Wear it with formal shoes and pressed trousers to avoid looking like you've just rolled out of bed.


4. The check suit

"Checked suits can be tricky to pull off, but JT nails it by choosing a light fabric and a muted colour palate with a fine check pattern." 
Justin Timberlake Wearing Check Suit

The collar studs and pocket square add a vintage vibe to this look, while the tailored cut keeps it looking fresh. Complete the look with a pair of wing tip brogues or tassel loafers.

5. Mix 'n' match neutrals

"Every man should know the value of neutral colours – and this Timberlake outfit tells you exactly why."
Justin Timberlake Wearing Khaki Chinos, Suede Boots and Printed Shirt

If just one of these pieces was a different colour, this ensemble would look busy and disorganised. By choosing a palette of neutral colours (navy, khaki and tan), each item comes together to create the sort of outfit that you could wear absolutely anywhere.

6. The memorable suit

"OK, this look is not for everyone. But think about the context – this photo was taken at the iHeartRadio awards where he was performing for a star-studded audience before accepting an Innovation Award. Jeans and a t-shirt just isn't going to cut it."
Justin Timberlake Wearing Blue Satin Suit

If you need to create a memorable look, take a leaf out of Justin's book and think about colour, fabric and tailoring. You can afford to take a risk with two of these three categories, but never all three. After all, a blue satin suit is memorable enough without adding any extra bells and whistles to it.

From 'smart-casual' trailblazer to 'look at me' couture – Justin Timberlake understands the power of fashion. Get his look by building a wardrobe of classics, and wearing everything with a confident swagger.