The pink trend is showing no signs of slowing down. Whether you prefer millennial pink, pastel pink or the palest shade of blush, the chances are that you've at least entertained the idea of adding this colour to your wardrobe this summer.

And why not? It's on-trend, versatile, summery and flattering. Plus, you don't need too much to make a style statement.

If you're still not sure how to wear pink this summer, read on for our essential guide to pulling off the colour of the year...


How to wear… pink trainers

Men's Pink Trainers, Jeans & T-Shirt Outfit

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This is arguably the easiest way to add pink to your wardrobe. Light pink trainers look great with blue denim, and will instantly update that jeans-and-t-shirt combo that you've been rocking for years. 

Choose light pink – NOT dark pink – and if at all possible, wear them sans socks. If you absolutely must put a barrier between your feet and your shoes, wear white trainer socks.

How to wear… pink swimwear

Men's Pink Swim Shorts, Polo Shirt & Flip Flops Outfit

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If there's one item of clothing that was made for bright colours, it's swimwear. And this year, swimwear designers have gone all-out with a range of tropical prints and sorbet shades that were simply made to be worn on a white sandy beach.

Forget pale pinks here – you want to go for bold, deep pink shades, or pink-based patterns. Accessorise with a tan and a pair of sliders, and enjoy the sun.

How to wear… pink tees

Men's Pink T-Shirt, Denim Shorts & Sandals Outfit

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A pink t-shirt is amazingly versatile. Faded pink looks great as a background to logo or print t-shirts, while an all-pink t-shirt works brilliantly with denim shorts and Birkenstock sandals on a beach vacation.

If you want to channel the retro look, layer a pink tee under a white suit, or just let the collar peep out from underneath a denim shirt.

How to wear… pink chinos

Men's Pink Chinos, White Shirt & Brown Loafers Outfit

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Pink trousers might feel like a brave move, even for the most fashion-forward of gents. But it's all about getting the right hue. You're looking for pale, pale, almost white pink here, or a peachy pink that's almost closer to beige.

Keep all the other colours in your outfit to a minimum. A white shirt or t-shirt will work with the pale colour palate, then all you need is a tan belt and matching shoes to complete the look.

How to wear… pink shirts

Men's Pink Shirt, Chukka Boots & Chinos Outfit

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Let's face it, you probably already have a pink shirt in your wardrobe. Pastel shirts have been in and out of fashion for years, purely because these colours are so wearable.

A light pink shirt complements grey and navy suits without pulling focus from the tailoring or accessories. Meanwhile, a pink shirt and chinos is a smart no-fuss pairing which is perfect for summer events.

How to wear… pink shorts

Men's Pink Shorts, Boat Shoes & T-Shirt Outfit

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Pink denim shorts have taken menswear by storm this year. Frayed, ripped and pastel hued, they are a great, laid-back addition to any holiday wardrobe, and look great with a plain t-shirt, vest or Hawaiian shirt. Wear them with boaters or trainers for a chilled-out look that is perfect for a BBQ in the park.

Our Top Tips On How To Wear Pink In Summer

  • The easiest way to add some pink to your summer wardrobe is with a pair of light pink trainers. Wear with blues and greys for multiple outfit options, then add a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses to complete the look.

  • Pink swimwear looks great on the beach and can be accessorized with a pair of sliders (and a summer tan!).

  • If you're wearing a pink t-shirt, opt for faded hues of pastel pink and layer under a denim shirt. Complete the outfit with chino shorts or work the double denim trend with black denim shorts.

  • Pale pink chinos are a great option for work and look best worn with a white shirt and tan loafers. Keep the colour palette by accessorizing with matching shades of tan.

  • A light pink shirt will complement a grey summer suit and also looks great worn with beige chinos on downtime days.

  • If you want to work the latest trend, opt for pink denim shorts this summer and complete the look with a plain tee plus boaters.